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Laila Rouass Page 2

    This site has been created by Vishal Jalan. Below is my
  pic with LAILA !! It was taken on Feb 15th,1998 at the
  Calcutta Club.

Laila Rouass Page 2

   Laila is born of Moroccon-Indian parents and has
   lived in Morocco, London, Paris and is now in
   Mumbai . She is one of 
   the most popular VJ's on channel [V] and hosts
   CLOSE-UP CLOSE ENCOUNTERS -the most lively show
   on it she plays cupid ,helping u to get
   a Blind Date. She is also the host of BACARDI BLAST
   for  which she checks out the grooviest discs in 
   India and she plays the latest techno music to make
   u get up and dance.

   Laila loves reading,listening to music and also
   traveling. Some of her fave music artists are 
   Prince, Nirvana and Pearl Jam.
   The pic below is of Laila with cricketer Ajay Jadeja
   and model-turned actress Anupama Verma.On the next
   page u will find more great  PICS of LAILA...and some
   interesting info about her. 
   LAILA is certainly the most happening VJ ever.
   She possesses many talents and has acquired a lot of
   fame at a very young age. Despite this, she does not 
   have any airs and has a winsome  and endearing 


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